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Surveying and Mapping from Airplanes

How Recent Experience in War Mapping May Be Applied in Completing Our Topographic Map

By E. Lester Jones

Recent Developments in Marine Lighting—II

The Unattended Light

Tests on Strength of Joiner's Glue

Fixation of atmospheric Nitrogen in Japan

Meeting New Demands

What the War and the Airplane Development Mean to the Paint and Varnish Makers

By A. De Waele

Helium for Airships

A Novel Pile Driver

Burning Fine Anthracite and Bituminous Coal

New uses for Zircon

The Chemistry of Laundering

The Cleansing of Cloth as an Example of Science in Service of Man

By I. Newton Kugelmass

The Color of Water—II

A Valuable Compendium of the Literature on a Neglected Subject

By Wilder D. Bancroft

The Light-Giving Power of the Stars

By Henry A. Peck

Electric Propulsion for the U. S. S. New Mexico—II

The Single-wound, Variable Speed Motor, with Double-squirrel-cage Rotors of the New Mexico

By A. D. Badgley

Minerals and Manufactures in Mesopotamia

The Continuous-Rated Motor and its Application

An Interpretation of the A. I. E. E. Standardization Rules as Applied to Motors

By L. F. Adams


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