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The Mechanics of Earthquakes

Recent Views with Regard to the Nature of Seismic Disturbances

By Carlo Somigliana

Emergency Seasoning of Sitka Spruce

Strength of Kiln-dried and Air-dried Spruce Compared

By L. A. Welo

Different Types of Airship

Economics of Transportation in the Mississippi Valley

Develop Southern Ports for Foreign Trade by Revising Interior Transportation

By J. R. Bibbins

Electric Propulsion for the U. S. S. New Mexico—III

The Main Control Equipment, Centralized and Flexible

By C. T. Hentschel

The Color of Water

By Wilder D. Bancroft

Piezo-Electricity and Its Application

Tourmaline Crystals Aid in Analyzing the Nature of Explosions

By J. J. Thomson

Finding the Apparent Angular Movement of the Sun Between the Solstices

Improved Lighting by Street Lanterns

By F. Brueggeman

Paper Woven Goods in Austria-Hungary

Winds and the Transatlantic Flight

Advance in the Design of X-Ray Tubes

Speed Measuring Instruments for Aeroplanes

Metal Strapping on Wooden Boxes

Plywood in Aeroplane Construction

Applications of Kirchoff's Law

Discharges of Atmospheric Electricity

The Scientific American Supplement Index for vol. 87


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