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How to Study Steel

The Solid and Liquid States of Steel, and Need for Carefully Studying Each

By Cosmo Johns

Lignum-Vitae, the Vital Wood

The Most Important Single Wood for the American Navy and Merchant Marine

By Samuel J. Record

The Strongest and Most Durable Fiber

The Cultivation, Preparation, Spinning, Weaving and History of Flax

By W. Norman Boase

Flower Camouflage

Peculiarities of Some Wild Flowers of Southern California

By Francis M. Fultz

Tower Clock Escapements

A Review of the Development of the Escapement in Extremely Accurate Clocks

By A. T. Hare

The Physiological Sensations Produced by Detonations

Experimental Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony—I

Elementary Principles Regarding Apparatus and Means Employed in Radio Telegraphy and Telephony

By Louis Gerard Pacent and Austin C. Lescarboura

Acquired Radio-Activity

Forty Years' Experiments with X-Rays, Cathode Rays, and Radium on Various Minerals

By William Crookes


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