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Progress in Naval Aircraft—I

Contributions to Naval Aircraft-Design and Construction by the United States, Culminating in the “NC-4” Type

By J. C. Hunsaker

Splintering of Airplane Woods

Actual Tests of Different Available Airplane Woods to Determine Relative Splintering Under Rifle Fire

By G. E. Heck

Pre-Paleolithic Man in England

A Review of the Evidence Which Has Been Gathered to Show His Existence

By J. Reid Moir

Photography in Research

A Concise Review of the Applications of Photography in Industry

By Arthur G. Eldredge

When did our Ancestors take to Trees?

Significance of the Divergence of the First Digit in the Primitive Mammalian Foot

By James Williams Gidley

Life of Brass Condenser Tubes

Results of a Study of the Actions of Certain Metals in Distilled and Sea Water, and Possible Protective Measures

By Guy D. Bengough and O. F. Hudson

Pressure Casting of High Tensile Copper Alloys

The Railways of Japan, Mineral Resources of the Republic of Georgia, and more

By K. Yamaguchi

Flotation for the Practical Mill Man

By F. G. Moses

Sub-Antarctic Whaling, Detecting Over-Heated Bearings

By S. F. Harmer


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