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Epidemiology and Recent Epidemics

Suppressing Epidemics by Fighting the Disease at its Source

By Simon Flexner

Better Concrete—I

Motion Picture Studies of Existing Conditions; Suggested Improvements

By Nathan C. Johnson

What is an Incandescent Lamp?

Vacuum versus Gas-filled Lamps and the Relation between Life and Efficiency

By R. W. Shenton

Refinements in Turbine Design

Some Details that are Open to Improvement

By A. G. Cristie

Heterodyning Wavemeter

By Lieut. J. Scott-Taggart

Is Alcohol Dead?

A Discussion of the Necessities and Possibilities of Greatly Increased Future Producing of Fuel Alcohol

By J. Paul Heritage

Life Habits of Insects Recorded with the Camera

Fabre's Study of the Scarab

The Langmuir Postulates—II

An Introduction to Dr. Irving Langmuir's New Theory of the Constitution of Atoms and Molecules

By Ellwood Hendrick

The Rotary Method of Well Drilling

Combining Rotary and Cable-tool Methods in Alternating Soft and Hard Formations

By Albert G. Wolf

Spectral Structure of the X-Rays

Use the Dead and Dying Chestnut

Importance of Immediately Salvaging Wood of Trees Killed by Fungus Growth

By Joseph S. Illick

Problems in the Utilization of Fuels—II

Economic Use of the Poorer Grades of Coal and Oils

By Raymond F. Bacon and William A. Hamor

Catalytic Dehydrogenation by Nickel in Presence of Hydrogen, On Whole Numbers for Atomic Weights, and Related Questions


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