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An integrated Program with a Returning Client

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN’s Custom Media Group created multiple platforms to help Celgene showcase its leadership in cancer innovation and other areas of biotherapeutics. We convened a high-level event on the opening night of TEDMED, created a custom supplement on cancer, showcased Celgene as a marquee sponsor of our special edition, SA Worldview (2 years in a row), and produced the first-ever joint Outlook, published in both Nature and SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN (launched in June 2014)

Communication Consulting…with CAT

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Custom Media Group reviewed existing communications and collateral going out to Caterpillar’s global dealer network and assisted them in revamping their overall strategy, key product value messages and technological explanations (in words and graphics) so that their dealer network could better serve their end customers and drive sales

The “Candid Conversations” Series/Salon Event

A custom “salon” event moderated by SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN’s Custom Media Group featuring leadership from Life Technologies and other industry luminaries; a follow-on custom media supplement poly-wrapped with SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN’s North American subscriber edition.

Extending the Impact of Live Events

Malaysia Health Travel Council (MHTC) has been an advertising partner for over 2 years. MHTC wanted to extend the impact of a high-level roundtable event on medical tourism aimed at the insurance and corporate market. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN’s Custom Media Group produced a dynamic webinar from the event content, and established a powerful new offering for future clients in a variety of sectors.

“Pathways: The Changing Science, Business and Experience of Health”

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Custom Media Group collaborated with Quintiles, a full-service life science consulting company, to create a custom magazine and rich media website that covers all aspects of health, from new science to the changing business models of pharmaceuticals and biotech cures.

International Ad Sections with Custom Elements

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN’s Custom Media Group partnered with Malaysia Health Travel Council in its efforts to attract international medical travel clients. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN moderated and helped organize the closing panel at their first global expo and then used the material to create a customized four-page in-book international ad section.

“Worldview: A Global Biotechnology Perspective”

Since 2009, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN has collaborated with Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and a select group of its corporate members (Amgen, Pfizer, Abbott, Merck)in developing an annual custom project (in print and online). This custom project examines global bio- technology innovation including a “Score Card” that rates countries on their ability to foster this sector.

“Lives: New Answers for Global Health”

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ExxonMobil, AstraZeneca, Gilead Sciences, Johnson & Johnson, and GE Healthcare partnered with SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN to develop a custom magazine focusing on unique solutions for infectious and chronic disease.

Inquiries relating to Custom Media opportunities can be directed to:

Jeremy A. Abbate
VP,  Publisher