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SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN has a worldwide audience of over 9 million comprised of forward thinking, solution-seeking readers who cement trends and set agendas that others follow -  they are the Minds That Matter.

Affluent Adults
  • Leading Media Platform for Reaching the Affluent- accessing over 1 million Readers (14% gain)
  • Scientific American ranks in the Top 25 (% composition) for Chief Knowledge, Technology, and Information Officer
Affluent AdultsAudience (000)% CompIndexRanking
Total Audience (135 Titles)62,500100100 
Median Age50   
Post Graduate Degree32330129 
Median HHI$147,319   
Avg HHI$218,659   
Avg HH Net Worth$1,128,531   
Avg Liquid Assets$824,465   
Avg Financial Accounts + RE$1,476,770   
Chief Knowledge Officer106102585
Chief Technology Officer93924816
Chief Information Officer86819824
Source: MMR 2013 (COMPARISON: MMR 2012 vs. MMR 2013)
MRI Adults
  • Double digit growth in Women audience (+12%)
  • Rank #4 in reaching readers with Post Graduate Degrees and #6 in reaching College Graduates
 Audience (000)% CompIndexRanking
Total Audience235,577100100 
Median Age50   
Graduated College+ 662356
Post Graduate Degree 313084
Source: MRI Fall 2013 (comparison: MRI Fall 2012 vs. Fall 2013)