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Custom Research

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN’s Custom Research Reader Panel Reaches Top Management, High Income audiences with an Average Response rate far above Industry Average…

  • Advertisers have the opportunity to access SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN’s Audience Panel of more than 9,600 active readers.
  • The Audience Panel is comprised of panelist who are Hard to Reach
    • 41% are Top Management/Owner Partner (3900 panelist)
    • $200K HHI+ ( 960 panelist)
    • $100K HHI+ (3400 panelist)
  • And who, on average, are highly responsive - a 25% Rate of Response

Our Advertisers

Our Advertisers appreciate that SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN reaches a world wide audience of over 9 million comprised of affluent, forward thinking, solution- seeking readers who cement trends and set agendas that others follow.