That’s roughly 6 times the population of Manhattan.

    Scientific American has 3.5 million print and tablet readers worldwide, 5.5 million global online unique visitors monthly, a social reach of 3.5 +million and is translated into 14 languages.

    (Or 3 times the population of Chicago. Or 11 times the population of San Francisco. Either way, it’s a lot of people.)

    And in our case, Quality and Quantity aren’t mutually exclusive:

    90% of our subscribers are unreachable by competitor publications.

    Our readers are highly engaged. They spend 63 minutes on average with each issue.

    This ranks #2 among measured publications.
    (MRI Fall 2013)

    They’re also educated.

    We’re in the top 10 among MRI measured publications
    for readers with college degrees and #4 in postgraduate education.
    (MRI Fall 2013)

    Which explains why 19% of them are in the C-Suite.

    Where they have substantial knowledge, influence, & buying power.

    Our readers, vs. readers in competitive publication websites, are 4-6 times more likely to influence business spending across many key areas.

    In fact, we’re #1 for reaching “tech-thusiasts.”

    Tech-thusiasts own and use new technology. They are apt to buying the latest devices.
    (MRI Fall 2013)

    But our readers also have a wide array of interests.

    Scientific American readers spend more, on average, than other affluents on:
    MMR 2013

    • 38% more likely Entertainment & Electronics
    • 37% more likely Apparel & Accessories
    • 30% more likely Business & Leisure Travel
    • 76% more likely Home & Garden
    • 11% more likely Education & Schools
    • 23% more likely Watches & Jewelry
    • 23% more likely Health & Wellness
    • 250% more likely Artwork & Collectibles
    • 238% more likely Charitable Donations
    • 31% more likely Organic/Eco-Friendly Products
    • 24% more likely Vehicles

    Let us help you connect to the right audience on the right platform.