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Nature Outlook: Extracellular RNA

RNA — the molecule best known for its part in translating genetic code into protein-making instructions — is finding a new role in medicine. Key to this is that microRNA, once thought to exist only in cells, has been shown to travel outside cells to tissues all over the body through the blood, under the protection of ‘extracellular vesicles’...

June 17, 2020

Inside the stem-cell pharmaceutical factory

Vesicles secreted by stem cells might give clinicians a safer and simpler alternative to cell therapy, but researchers are still grappling with how best to prepare and study these tiny particles...

June 17, 2020 — Michael Eisenstein

Donut Sugar Could Help Stored Blood Last

Dehydrated blood that could be kept at room temperature for years may be possible thanks to a sugar used to preserve donuts—and made by tardigrades and brine shrimp so they can dry out and spring back with water...

May 12, 2020 — Susanne Bard
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