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How Microbes Can Build Electric Grids

New research demonstrates that bacteria exploit conducting minerals in their environment to shuttle electrons between species, allowing greater growth

June 4, 2012 — David Biello

Virus Victors: People Who Control HIV

Bruce Walker, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of the Ragon Institute of Massachusetts General Hospital, M.I.T. and Harvard, talks about his article in the July issue of Scientific American magazine called "Controlling HIV," about rare individuals who never develop AIDS after being infected by the virus...

May 29, 2012 — Steve Mirsky

U.S. Government Sets Out Alzheimer's Plan

A health-agency windfall includes funding for two promising clinical trials, one focusing on prevention and the other on early treatment

May 23, 2012 — Meredith Wadman and Nature magazine

Why Polio Isn't Going Away

As the number of cases of the paralytic disease fall, world health officials have to grapple with a vexing problem: a component of the most widely used polio vaccine now causes more disease than the virus it is supposed to fight...

May 14, 2012 — Helen Branswell
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Science or SciFi?

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