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Human-Eye Precursor Grown from Stem Cell

The achievement, with an "optic cup" that contains multiple layers of photoreceptors, raises hopes for repairs of damaged eyes in the clinic

June 15, 2012 — David Cyranoski and Nature magazine

How Microbes Can Build Electric Grids

New research demonstrates that bacteria exploit conducting minerals in their environment to shuttle electrons between species, allowing greater growth

June 4, 2012 — David Biello

Virus Victors: People Who Control HIV

Bruce Walker, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of the Ragon Institute of Massachusetts General Hospital, M.I.T. and Harvard, talks about his article in the July issue of Scientific American magazine called "Controlling HIV," about rare individuals who never develop AIDS after being infected by the virus...

May 29, 2012 — Steve Mirsky
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