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The Year in Robots

In 2007, our artificially intelligent companions moved closer to replacing us on the battlefield, improving healthcare (on Earth and in space) and even befriending our children

December 28, 2007 — Larry Greenemeier


Don't blame your job, the traffic or your mindless chores. Battling boredom, researchers say, means finding focus, living in the moment and having something to live for

December 27, 2007 — Anna Gosline

Immune System Keeps Your Brain Tidy Too

Researchers have uncovered a link between the the brain's nerve cell network and the immune system--the same protein that helps gets rid of uninvited bacteria also eliminates unused neural connections...

December 26, 2007

See Your Doc to Stop Smoking

Two researchers from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health published a review in the November 20th issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, of several hundred smoking studies...

November 29, 2007

Need For New Nukes?; and News From Neuroscience

In this episode, Scientific American's David Biello discusses his article on nuclear weaponry in the November issue of the magazine. And Scientific American Mind's Karen Schrock talks about some of the highlights of the Neuroscience 2007 conference that she attended last week in San Diego...

November 14, 2007 — Steve Mirsky
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