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What Caused the Yosemite Hantavirus Outbreak?

With the Yosemite tourists having died from this normally high-altitude illness, we spoke with an infectious disease expert to see if hantavirus could spread to other areas of the couny...

September 7, 2012 — Katherine Harmon

Voices of ENCODE [Video]

ENCODE's lead coordinator, Ewan Birney, and Nature editor Magdalena Skipper talk about the challenges of managing a colossal genetics project and what we've learnt about the hum...

September 5, 2012 — Nature magazine

"Junk" DNA Holds Clues to Common Diseases

With the new annotation of the human genome, researchers are finding that most of the code between genes is controlling crucial functions for life and health

September 5, 2012 — Katherine Harmon

A TB Test You Can Do at Home

A new fluorescent probe can detect tuberculosis bacteria using a homemade light box and a mobile-phone camera

September 4, 2012 — Alyssa Joyce and Nature magazine

New Answers for Cancer

The newest targeted therapies are helping doctors to tailor increasingly effective treatments to individual patients

September 1, 2012

Civil War Innovations

Secession and Science; Warships; Underwater Warfare; Cannons; Communications and Military Intelligence; Medicine and Health

September 1, 2012

The Hidden Mind

We have long wondered how the conscious mind comes to be. Greater understanding of brain function ought to provide an eventual solution.

September 1, 2012

How Technology Shaped the Civil War

Secession not only spurred rapid improvements in warships and weapons, but also led to advances in communications and medicine

September 1, 2012 — James Marten