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Genome Sequencing for the Rest of Us

Even as scans get faster and cheaper, many diseases still have unknown or sketchy genetic correlates. How much stock should consumers put in personal genome sequencing?

June 28, 2010 — Katherine Harmon

Bone Marrow Transplant Stops Mouse Version of OCD

Nobel laureate Mario Capecchi's University of Utah research group has reversed a behavioral disorder in mice with a bone marrow transplant, establishing a link between immune cells and psychiatric disorders...

May 27, 2010

Fact or Fiction: Fathers Can Get Postpartum Depression

Mothers are at higher risk for depression during and after pregnancy--and many continue to have depressive symptoms even as children grow up. But are fathers, whose bodies do not go through all of the same biological changes, also at risk for prenatal and postpartum depression?...

May 18, 2010 — Katherine Harmon

Digging Deeper into the Entire Brain

A recent paper in the journal Nature finally brings some vindication to fMRI, one of the most popular methods used to study the brain. Christie Nicholson reports

May 16, 2010
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