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Neurological Health1137 articles archived since 1845

Faulty Circuits

Neuroscience is revealing the malfunctioning connections underlying psychological disorders and forcing psychiatrists to rethink the causes of mental illness

April 5, 2010 — Thomas R. Insel

Extraordinary Perception

We think of people with autism as having a deficit in cognitive processing--but their distractibility could also result from having enhanced perceptual capabilities

March 16, 2010 — Wray Herbert

New Hope for Battling Brain Cancer

Studies suggest that stem cells sustain deadly tumors in the brain—and that aiming at these insidious culprits could lead to a cure

March 11, 2010 — Gregory Foltz

Living with Schizophrenia

A diagnosis of schizophrenia is not always grounds for despair

February 24, 2010 — Scott O. Lilienfeld and Hal Arkowitz

A Sensory Fix for Problems in School

Certain learning disabilities are linked to problems of perception, when the brain misinterprets sensory input. Targeted exercises can help correct these difficulties

February 18, 2010 — Burkhart Fischer
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