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White Matter Matters

Although scientists have long regarded the brain's white matter as passive infrastructure, new work shows that it actively affects learning and mental illness

February 18, 2008 — R. Douglas Fields

The Other Half of the Brain

Mounting evidence suggests that glial cells, overlooked for half a century, may be nearly as critical to thinking and learning as neurons are

March 22, 2004 — R. Douglas Fields

Keeping the Mad Cows at Bay

Veterinarian Linda A. Detwiler helps to ensure that a fatal brain disease that can afflict humans doesn't appear in U.S. cattle. It can be a thankless task

June 17, 2002 — Philip Yam

Lithium and Mania

How is it that salts of lithium have a beneficial effect on people in a pathologically manic state? Clues to the answer may be found in the ways the lithium ion moves through the membranes of cells...

April 1, 1981 — Daniel C. Tosteson
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