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Ideas to Impact: Recycling Liquid Petroleum Gas Cylinders Across Sub-Saharan Africa

Challenge Reward: $40,000 USD Challenge Type: Theoretical-licensing

Access to safe, clean and reliable sources of energy has a significant impact on health, quality of life, education and economic productivity. Particularly in the developing world, access to such type of energy has the potential to change the landscape in terms of poverty, exclusion, gender inequality, and, no less important, global warming. 

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a clean-burning, portable, and efficient fuel that is increasingly used in many developing countries. However, the existence of a large number of aging cylinders constitutes a worrying safety hazard due to lack of maintenance that puts populations in danger and ultimately hinders the growth of a successful LPG market. 

Hence, the Seeker to this Challenge is looking for high-value alternative uses for substandard cylinders, so that they can be recycled and removed from the LPG distribution channels. 

Engage in this Challenge and contribute to save lives and promote clean energy uptake throughout Africa! 

This Challenge requires only a written proposal.

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DEADLINE: Sep 07 2015 Project Rooms 586 Jul 07 2015

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