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The Higgs at Last

After a three-decade search, scientists appear to have found the elusive particle. Its peculiar properties suggest a new era in physics could be about to dawn

— Michael Riordan, Guido Tonelli and Sau Lan Wu

Super Supernovae

The largest stars die in explosions more powerful than anyone thought possible—some triggered in part by the production of antimatter

— Avishay Gal-Yam

Portrait of a Black Hole

By adapting a global network of telescopes, astronomers will soon get their first look ever at the dark silhouette of a black hole

— Avery E. Broderick and Abraham Loeb

Beyond the Quantum Horizon

Once viewed as imposing absolute limits on knowledge and technology, quantum theory is now expanding the power of computers and the vistas of the mind

— David Deutsch and Artur Ekert

Does Dark Energy Really Exist?

Maybe not. The observations that led astronomers to deduce its existence could have another explanation: our galaxy lies at the center of a giant cosmic void

— Timothy Clifton and Pedro G. Ferreira
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The Essential Guide to the Modern World