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CERN’s Next Big Thing

After 10 years in operation, the largest particle accelerator in the world is undergoing major upgrades, and researchers are throwing their effort behind new future technologies

May 28, 2019 — Christine-Maria Horejs, Giulia Pacchioni and Nature magazine

How the Black Hole Said Cheese

Scientific American 's chief features editor Seth Fletcher talks about his book Einstein's Shadow, an account of the long effort to image a black hole that recently came to fruition...

April 29, 2019 — Seth Fletcher and Steve Mirsky

Quantum Gravity in the Lab

Physicists attempting to unify the theories of gravity and quantum mechanics have long thought practical experiments were out of reach, but new proposals offer a chance to test the quantum nature of gravity on a tabletop...

April 1, 2019 — Tim Folger
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Self-Awareness or Illusion?

Self-Awareness or Illusion?

Solving the “Hard Problem”