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How Does the Quantum World Cross Over?

The universe according to quantum mechanics is strange and probabilistic, but our everyday reality seems nailed down. New experiments aim to probe where—and why—one realm passes into the other

June 19, 2018 — Tim Folger

Jupiter Crackles with Polar Lightning

Juno spacecraft data suggest lightning on Jupiter is much more common than we thought—but it congregates near the poles, not the equator as on Earth. Christopher Intagliata reports. 

June 17, 2018 — Christopher Intagliata

What Is Spacetime?

Physicists believe that at the tiniest scales, space emerges from quanta. What might these building blocks look like?

May 24, 2018 — George Musser

What Is Dark Matter?

An elusive substance that permeates the universe exerts many detectable gravitational influences yet eludes direct detection

May 23, 2018 — Lisa Randall

Here Come the Waves

After a clutch of historic detections, gravitational-wave researchers have set their sights on some ambitious scientific quarry

May 22, 2018 — Davide Castelvecchi and Nature magazine

Up Close and Personal

Using machine learning to build nanoparticles, Memorial Sloan Kettering scientists are transporting personalized drugs much closer to their tumor targets

May 15, 2018 — Matthew Tontonoz and Jim Stallard

Radar Scans Detail North Korean Nukes

Scientists have added radar info to seismic data, isotope measurements and optical imagery to study covert nuclear tests. Christopher Intagliata reports.

May 14, 2018 — Christopher Intagliata

The New Era of Multimessenger Astronomy

Astronomers' newfound ability to see the same cosmic events in light, particles and gravitational waves—a synthesis called multimessenger astronomy—gives them a fuller picture of some of the universe's most mysterious phenomena

May 10, 2018 — Ann Finkbeiner

Beyond XX and XY

Biology. Identity. Equality.