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Climate Change Is Bad News for California Children with Asthma

Higher temperatures and an increased risk of drought on the U.S. west coast result in nitrogen by-products that cause cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, especially among the region's rural and urban poor...

October 5, 2012 — Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato and ClimateWire

Psychology Receives Challenge to Clean Up Its Act

Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman wants psychologists who study social priming to restore credibility with open data and by having multiple labs repeat experiments to make sure that results are robust...

October 4, 2012 — Ed Yong

SARS Veterans Tackle Coronavirus

A recently completed genome sequence of the new virus has sped up efforts to come up with a diagnostic test to screen for it

October 3, 2012 — Declan Butler and Nature magazine

Ecosystems on the Brink

To keep jellyfish, fungi and other creatures from overtaking healthy habitats, scientists are exploring food webs and tipping points

October 3, 2012 — Carl Zimmer
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