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This Year, Give Them Brains

Each year we poll scientists and educators on ideas for books, puzzles and toys that foster inquiry. This season's picks range from a top that never stops spinning to a build-it-yourself skull...

November 25, 2011 — Anna Kuchment

Good Science Always Has Political Ramifications

Why? Because a scientifically testable claim can be shown to be either most probably true or false, whether the claim is made by a king or a president, a pope, a congressperson, or a common citizen [Book Excerpt]...

November 24, 2011 — Shawn Lawrence Otto

False Confessions Confuse Forensics

Forensic investigators tended to find more evidence supporting a guilty verdict following a confession, even if it was forced or coerced. Christopher Intagliata reports

November 23, 2011

High-IQ Kids Later Try Drugs More

A British study found significantly higher drug experimentation among people who performed well on IQ tests as kids. Sophie Bushwick reports

November 22, 2011

Stop the Genetic Dragnet

Police currently collect samples of DNA from detainees—retaining the DNA even if a suspect turns out to be innocent

November 22, 2011 — THE EDITORS
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The Essential Guide to the Modern World