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Audacious Plans, Nasty Weather

Editor's note: Marine geophysicist Robin Bell is leading an expedition to Antarctica to explore a mysterious mountain range beneath the ice sheet. Following is the ninth of her updates on the effort as part of 's in-depth report on the "Future of the Poles."   McMURDO STATION, ANTARCTICA--Sometimes I wonder why we were so audacious to plan a project that required decent spring weather in several places around the entire Antarctic continent.  Our weather delays are accumulating.  The first delay was when the British plane was pinned down by storms, first in Patagonia and then at Rothera on the Antarctic Peninsula...

December 9, 2008 — Robin Bell

The Global Food Crisis

Food is scarce in the developing world, and prices are soaring in industrialized nations. Does science hold the key to the next green revolution?

December 9, 2008

Crashless Cars: Making Driving Safer

Next-generation automotive safety technology could give us vehicles that are difficult to crash—and eventually may not need drivers at all

December 8, 2008 — Steven Ashley
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