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Melting Away

The shrinking of an immense swath of Antarctic ice threatens to raise sea level and there may be no stopping it

January 21, 2000 — Sarah Simpson

The Nobel Prizes for 1999

Explanations of the science underlying the world's most prestigious awards for physics, chemistry and physiology plus a look at the prizes for peace, won by a physicians organization, and economics...

January 21, 2000 — Carol Ezzell, Glenn Zorpette, Graham P. Collins and Sasha Nemecek

Snowball Earth

Ice entombed our planet hundreds of millions of years ago, and complex animals evolved in the greenhouse heat wave that followed

January 21, 2000 — Paul F. Hoffman and Daniel P. Schrag

What is Homeostasis?

Emeritus Professor Kelvin Rodolfo of the University of Illinois at Chicago's Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences provides this answer

January 3, 2000

Y2What? We're All Still Here.

No terrorist attacks or errant missile launches marked the start of Y2K. Indeed, midnight on December 31, 1999, came and went with only minor glitches. Have any to report? Our readers respond...

January 3, 2000 — Alan Hall

Gas Blasts

Methane once frozen under the seafloor may help heat up the climate

December 20, 1999 — Sarah Simpson

Seen Before

To guard against terrorism, the Pentagon looks to image-recognition technology

December 20, 1999 — Daniel G. Dupont


Data produced in federally supported studies are now part of the public record

December 20, 1999 — Tim Beardsley
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