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DAY 5: JULY 25, 1997

Position at Midnight:
Latitude: 31 deg, 13.0 min. N
Longitude: 59 deg. 07.3 min. W Miles to date: 897 Miles Remaining: 871

July 31, 1997

DAY 3: JULY 23, 1997

Position at Midnight
Latitude: 36 deg, 57.8 min. N
Longitude: 68 deg. 09.5 min. W Miles to date: 341 Miles Remaining: 1427

July 31, 1997

AIDS Moonshot?

Under President Clinton's command, researchers step up the search for an HIV vaccine

June 2, 1997 — Tim Beardsley

Interview with Neal F. Lane

The former director of the National Science Foundation shares his thoughts on popularizing science in an era of tightening budgets

April 21, 1997 — Alan Hall

The Ties That Bind

A study of journal publications details investigators' financial interests in their research

March 17, 1997 — Gary Stix

Trusted Systems

Devices that enforce machine-readable
rights to use the work of a musician
or author may create secure ways to
publish over the Internet

March 5, 1997 — Mark Stefik

Going Digital

Electronic libraries will make
today's Internet pale by comparison.
But building them will not be easy

March 5, 1997 — Michael Lesk

Searching the Internet

Combining the skills of the librarian
and the computer scientist may help
organize the anarchy of the Internet

March 5, 1997 — Clifford Lynch
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