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Interview with Ross MacPhee

What killed the mammoths and other behemoths that once roamed the Americas? This mammalogist thinks it may have been hyperlethal disease

January 2, 2001

Not Nelson's Obelisk

James Burke draws monumental conclusions from wax, dinner sets, greenhouses, Argentina, prisons and the king of beasts

December 19, 2000 — James Burke

Completing the Circuit

Her research on integrated circuits advanced the Internet age by years. Now she finds herself revisiting her earliest, groundbreaking work in computers, which she long kept secret because, back then, she existed as a man...

December 19, 2000 — Paul Wallich

Radioactive Wrecks

Sunken nuclear subs pose no immediate threat, but they could be long-term ecological time bombs

November 19, 2000 — Mark Alpert


James Burke considers the primitive, the antiquarian, the mathematical, the electrical¿and draws some dramatic conclusions

November 19, 2000
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