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Scientific American, April 30, 2010
Spektrum der Wissenschaft announces editorial changes

Spektrum der Wissenschaft, the leading German science magazine, today announces that Dr. habil. Reinhard Breuer will resign as Editor-in-Chief effective 31 December 2010. Dr. Carsten Könneker will become Editor-in-Chief of Spektrum der Wissenschaft, effective 1 January, 2011.

Dr Breuer will remain with Spektrum der Wissenschaft and, from 1 January 2011, will manage the newly created editorial development department. Having worked for Max-Planck-Research, GEO (Gruner & Jahr), and in Corporate Communications at Daimler, Dr. Breuer took over the editorial board of Spektrum der Wissenschaft in 1999. In addition to the modernization of the German language edition of Scientific American, he founded several magazines, including Gehirn&Geist, which he directed for a number of years.

“Reinhard Breuer has proved a recipe for excellent editorial quality, which is highly esteemed within and outside the Spektrum-Group,” Chairman Stefan von Holtzbrinck says. “Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck is much obliged to him for more than a decade of strong commitment and inventiveness”.

“We most sincerely thank Dr. Breuer for his faithful cooperation over so many years, and the numerous initiatives to the benefit of the publications of Spektrum-Verlag. With his broad business experience and qualification as a university lecturer, it was Dr. Breuer’s foremost concern to communicate science to an interested public in an intense dialogue with readers, journalists and scientists”, said Markus Bossle, CEO of Spektrum der Wissenschaft Verlag.

Dr. Breuer’s successor as Editor-in-Chief of Spektrum der Wissenschaft will be Dr. Carsten Könneker effective 1 January, 2011. Dr. Könneker will also take over editorship of spektrumdirekt, in keeping with a new business strategy to concentrate editorial resources. The spektrumdirekt editorial department has been managed to date by Richard Zinken.

Dr. Könneker, physicist and scholar of literature, started his career as junior manager at Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck in 2000. Two years later he joined Spektrum der Wissenschaft. According to Markus Bossle, “Carsten Könneker has initiated a series of significant media innovations in recent years. Foremost are Gehirn&Geist (founded in 2002), a neuroscience and psychology magazine published in eight international editions, and Spektrum epoc, a magazine for history”. Dr. Könneker also developed, the largest German language portal for science blogs. At, more than eighty scientists in a wide variety of disciplines debate scientific topics with each other and a broad community of readers and users.

Richard Zinken, MSc, currently Editor-in-Chief of and Manager Online, will be appointed Chief Operating Officer, heading the new IT and publishing services department. The realignment of business divisions became essential with the rapid growth of cross-media publications and expanded activities in custom publishing.

Markus Bossle notes “Richard Zinken got involved in the development of the Internet portal as project executive and will continue to be responsible for Since the very beginning, Richard Zinken has taken an active role in developing the digital business of Spektrum der Wissenschaft.”

“We are very pleased that the appointments of the new Editor-in-Chief and the new Chief Operating Officer ran so smoothly, and that these positions will be in proven hands”, Stefan von Holtzbrinck says.

Spektrum der Wissenschaft in Germany is the largest entity of the international editions of Scientific American. Scientific American became part of Nature Publishing Group in 2009, after many years as a sister Holtzbrinck organization.

Spektrum cooperates in print and online with its Nature Publishing Group colleagues on several initiatives, including the German language scientific jobs database powered by Naturejobs, joint publishing projects e.g. for Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, and social media projects including a project for the Lindau Nobel Laureate meetings.

Aside from the magazine Spektrum der Wissenschaft, the media portfolio comprises: Sterne und Weltraum, a high-level journal on astronomy; epoc, a magazine for archaeology and history; and Gehirn&Geist, the flagship of psychology magazines with international editions in 9 countries, including Scientific American MIND in the United States. Furthermore Spektrum publishes spektrumdirekt, a weekly digital newspaper on science and runs SciLogs, the largest German language science blogging platform.

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