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It's hurricane season and intense weather is in the news and on everyone's minds. In this special digital package, we have pulled together recent Scientific American articles about severe weather and other weird weather phenomenon. Plus, you can dig into a Classics issue on extreme weather, which includes 24 articles on weather—hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes—some dating back to 1880!



A Wacky Jet Stream Could Be Making Our Weather Severe

Extreme summers and winters of the past four years could become the norm

By Jeff Masters on December 1, 2014


Storm of the Century—Every Two Years

New York City and the entire U.S. East Coast could face frequent destruction unless the region takes drastic action

By Mark Fischetti on June 1, 2013


Extreme Storms [Classics]

Extreme weather events are nothing new, but they appear to be gaining strength. Scientists have risked life and limb to help us better understand—and better survive—these storms

September 1, 2014

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