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Surviving the Hurricane
Katrina drowned New Orleans. Sandy clobbered New York.
Years later what have we learned after these super-storms and how can coastal cities better protect themselves against them?

Hurricane Katrina: The 10th Year Anniversary Package includes:

Drowning New Orleans. Mark Fischetti; Oct. 2001.
Scientists predict how badly New Orleans would be hurt by a direct hurricane, and explain why

Protecting New Orleans. Mark Fischetti; Feb. 2006.
Three grand plans for protecting New Orleans and southeastern LA, after Katrina

Into the Breach (Working Knowledge). Mark Fischetti, Feb. 2006.
Why the levees failed, and how to build them better

Storm of the Century, Every Two Years. Mark Fischetti, June 2013.
How to protect NYC and other coastal cities against hurricanes and sea level rise, after Hurricane Sandy

Architects of the Swamp. John Carey; December 2013.
Mixed results of wetland restoration, and how to do it better

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