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Math, it's the universal language. For centuries, mathematicians have been immersing themselves in the mysterious world of numbers. In this special digital package, we have pulled together the latest Scientific American features about all things math—the most exciting narratives, characters and research.


The Race to Replace the Kilogram

The long-running effort to ditch the decaying 19th century artifact that defines the kilogram nears its conclusion.

By Tom Folger | February 2017

The Whole Universe Catalog

Before they die, aging mathematicians are racing to save the Enormous Theorem's proof, all 15,000 pages of it, which divides existence four ways.

By Stephen Ornes | July 2015

Let the Games Continue

In what would be his centennial year, Martin Gardner, the longtime author of Scientific American's celebrated Mathematical Games column, still inspires mathematicians and puzzle lovers.

By Colm Mulcahy and Dana Richards | October 2014

The Secret Spiritual History of Calculus

Integral calculus originated in a 17th century debate that was as religious as it was scientific.

By Amir Alexander | April 1, 2014
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