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Who Remembers Smallpox?

A global immunization campaign in the mid-20th century eradicated the smallpox virus, one of the deadliest diseases in history

July 9, 2014 — Annie Sneed

The Newest Endangered Species: Physician-Scientists

Can excellent scientists be excellent physicians at the same time? "I would like to ask you about a trip to Thailand." This is not the kind of question I expected from a patient in my cardiology clinic at the Veterans Administration hospital in Indianapolis...

July 5, 2014 — Jalees Rehman

Should Prisoners Be Used in Medical Experiments?

History is rife with unethical experiments on inmates. But with proper safeguards prisoner studies may hold the key to the accurate representation of vulnerable groups and lead to health benefits...

July 2, 2014 — Dina Fine Maron

Could A Cow Virus Cause Colon Cancer?

The remote possibility that I might develop mad cow disease as a result has never stopped me from diving into a nice juicy hamburger (preferably with a generous helping of ketchup and relish)...

July 1, 2014 — Christine Gorman

Malarial Mice Smell Better to Mosquitoes

Mice infected with the parasites that cause their type of malaria produce odorous compounds that attract mosquitoes, increasing the odds that the parasites will be spread to the next victims

July 1, 2014 — Karen Hopkin
Anthrax Blunder Reveals Deadly Potential of Accidents

Anthrax Blunder Reveals Deadly Potential of Accidents

A lab director has reportedly been reassigned and other heads at the U.S. Center for Disease Control are likely to roll after an incident earlier this month in which at least 75 staff members may have accidentally been exposed to live samples of anthrax being transported from one lab to another...

June 23, 2014 — Christine Gorman

Nasty Mosquito-Borne Virus, Now in Puerto Rico, Expanding its Reach

It's summertime so when the weather is fine many of us head outdoors. But there lurk mosquitoes, an all-too-familiar menace.  What's more, a wave of mosquito-borne tropical disease that first appeared in the Western Hemisphere in late 2013 has now spread across the Caribbean, stoking concerns about a debut in the continental U.S...

June 18, 2014 — Dina Fine Maron

Diseases in the Wild: the Frog Apocalypse

The best way to prevent a disease from turning into an epidemic is to closely monitor its development and put systems in place before it starts spreading rapidly through populations.

June 14, 2014 — S.E. Gould

How to Know if You Have Pneumonia?

You're coughing, feverish, achy - is it just a bad cold or something worse? House Call Doctor helps you determine if your illness is a run of the mill cold or the more dangerous pneumonia...

June 11, 2014 — House Call Doctor Sanaz Majd
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