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Preparing for a Pandemic

One day a highly contagious and lethal strain of influenza will sweep across all humanity, claiming millions of lives. It may arrive in months or not for years--but the next pandemic is inevitable...

October 24, 2005 — W. Wayt Gibbs and Christine Soares

Keeping the Mad Cows at Bay

Veterinarian Linda A. Detwiler helps to ensure that a fatal brain disease that can afflict humans doesn't appear in U.S. cattle. It can be a thankless task

June 17, 2002 — Philip Yam

On the Web: Yellow Fever in Africa

Scientific American reports from the Democratic Republic of the Congo on health care workers' inability to deliver the yellow fever vaccine where it is most needed. Go to

Model Citizens

How digital drug dealers and virtual users are providing clues to help stop the U.S. opioid epidemic

— Sara Reardon

Special Report on Zika

As the Zika virus continues to spread, Scientific American explores efforts to contain the threat and develop an arsenal to defend against it.
Go to

A Very Personal Problem

Now personalized genetic medicine offers tests to avoid dangerous drug reactions—yet doctors are reluctant to use them

— Dina Fine Maron

How Poverty Affects the Brain

An unprecedented study in Bangladesh could reveal how malnutrition, poor sanitation and other challenges make their mark on child development

— Carina Storrs and Nature magazine
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Dwindling Supply. Increasing Demand.

Dwindling Supply. Increasing Demand.

Solving the Water Crisis