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The Mother-Baby Bond

After spending nine months intricately joined together, mother and infant share more than just common features. Now, in a special partnership with, we present a look at this remarkable bond, complete with scientifically accurate and stunning images...

April 30, 2010

Is male circumcision a humanitarian act?

So there’s this fellow—an inquisitive sort, even if not particularly bright—whom one day is asked by his ogress of a wife to drive to the store to buy a ham.

April 23, 2010 — Jesse Bering

The Future of Your Medical Data

How health data is becoming better connected, a la Facebook, changing the way patients, doctors and institutions interact

April 12, 2010 — Katherine Harmon

Small Dogs Prove Susceptible to Flea Poison

Warning that the powerful poisons can endanger dogs and cats, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will require new instructions and labeling for flea products

March 18, 2010 — Marla Cone and Environmental Health News
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