December 2008 Earth 3.0: Solutions for Sustainable Progress

Solutions to environmental problems ranging from carbon offsets to regrowing tropical rainforests--and whether nuclear power can contribute to the fight against global warming

Treading Lightly: 8 Eco-Conscious Tips for Vacations That Leave Behind Mostly Memories

Some ecotravel destinations, along with ideas on how you can protect the environment while enjoying a relaxing vacation--no matter where you go


Can Nuclear Power Compete?

Newly approved reactor designs could reduce global warming and fossil-fuel dependence, but utilities are grappling with whether better nukes make market sense


Clean Cities and Dirty Coal Power--China's Energy Paradox

China is aggressively building cleaner cities and renewable power supplies, but the relentless expansion of dirty coal may suffocate those efforts. A firsthand look


Chicago's Plans to Go Green

Mayor Richard Daley has unveiled an aggressive plan to transform the old, gritty city. If he can pull it off, other cities might follow


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