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Special Report

December 2008 Earth 3.0: Solutions for Sustainable Progress

Solutions to environmental problems ranging from carbon offsets to regrowing tropical rainforests--and whether nuclear power can contribute to the fight against global warming

  • December 8, 2008

Chicago's Plans to Go Green

Mayor Richard Daley has unveiled an aggressive plan to transform the old, gritty city. If he can pull it off, other cities might follow

December 1, 2008 — Josh Boak

SciAm and CNN keep an eye on a Planet in Peril

Here at Scientific American , the fate of Earth is an important part of our coverage, from our new publication, Earth 3.0, to a grand plan for solar energy, to daily reporting on climate change.

December 9, 2008 — Ivan Oransky
The U.S. Needs to Lead in Clean Tech

The U.S. Needs to Lead in Clean Tech

Steve Mirsky talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Thomas L. Friedman on how green technology can save the world economy

December 1, 2008 — Steve Mirsky and Thomas L. Friedman
Regrowing Borneo's Rainforest--Tree by Tree

Regrowing Borneo's Rainforest--Tree by Tree

To save orangutans, scientist Willie Smits is restoring a rain forest—and creating new livelihoods for the Indonesian families who help him

December 1, 2008 — Jane Braxton Little