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Special Report

How We Can Save Our Water

Rising population and climate change threatens the world’s supply of freshwater. Here are some possible solutions

All the Food, Using Half the Water [Video]

Agriculture accounts for a whopping 80 percent of U.S. water consumption. Smart irrigation technology could cut that in half while still producing the same amount of crops and livestock—and save energy in the process.

June 17, 2014

Want Clean Water? Turn on the Lights

Companies kill deadly bacteria and strip out heavy metals in water using new technologies that range from ultraviolet (UV) light to microbubbles

January 28, 2009 — Larry Greenemeier

Water Scarcity Challenges to Business

The growing scarcity of freshwater due to rising water demands and a changing climate is increasingly seen as a major risk for the global economy. Consumer awareness, private sector initiatives, governmental regulation and targeted investments are urgently needed to move towards sustainable water use.

April 25, 2014 — Arjen Y. Hoekstra and Nature Climate Change

What to Do When We Run out of Water

Climate change, alongside numerous other pressures, is having unprecedented effects on water resources both globally and locally. Retailers need to implement a range of adaptation measures to ensure the sustainability of supply chains

April 25, 2014 — Paul Kelly and Nature Climate Change

Drinking from the Toilet

Treated sewage could be the safest, most environmentally sound source of tap water yet—if we can get over the yuck factor

July 1, 2014 — Olive Heffernan