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Special Report

The Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis: 1 Year Later

Japan still struggles with the effects of a powerful earthquake, devastating tsunami and multiple meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant

Fukushima U.S. Responds to Lessons Learned

A year ago today, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Northern Japan. In the wake of this earthquake, a massive tsunami would flatten the Northern Tohoku region, killing nearly 20,000 people and knocking out power to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant...

March 11, 2012 — Melissa C. Lott

Nuclear fall in: Why I'm becoming a pro-nuke nut

My belated education in nuclear energy continues. I just read Power to Save the World: The Truth about Nuclear Energy (Vintage, 2008) by Gwyneth Cravens, a petite, energetic novelist and journalist...

August 16, 2010 — John Horgan

Namazu the Earthshaker

According to a popular Japanese myth the cause of earthquakes is the giant fish Namazu , often depicted as a giant catfish in woodcuts called namazu-e .

March 10, 2012 — David Bressan

A short History of Earthquakes in Japan

Japan is situated in the collision zone of at least four lithospheric plates: the Eurasian/Chinese Plate, the North American Plate, the Philippine Plate and the Pacific Plate.

March 11, 2012 — David Bressan

Fukushima: We Listen Back

Newly released audio takes us through the first week of the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi on this first anniversary of the crisis. David Biello reports

March 11, 2012

The Future of Nuclear Power

The U.S.--and the world--is gearing up to build a potentially massive fleet of new nuclear reactors, in part to fight climate change. But can nuclear power handle the load?

January 26, 2009
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