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Special Report

Science of the Occult

Halloween conjures visions of ghosts, hauntings and many unexplained phenomena that play on our worst fears

Cemetery Science: The Geology of Mausoleums

For Halloween, we take a tour of Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, N.Y., with geologist Sidney Horenstein and Woodlawn expert Susan Olsen, concentrating on the geology of the rock used in the memorials...

October 30, 2008 — Steve Mirsky

Quest for the Giant Pumpkin

In this episode, journalist Susan Warren, author of the new book Backyard Giants, talks about the art and science involved in the Quixotic quest to grow the world's biggest pumpkins. Plus we'll test your knowledge of some recent science in the news...

October 31, 2007 — Steve Mirsky

New Light on Medicine

Pigments that turn caustic on exposure to light can fight cancer, blindness and heart disease. Their light-induced toxicity may also help explain the origin of vampire tales

January 1, 2003 — Nick Lane

The Real Monsters on Halloween

A study shows that young children have a tough time knowing if monsters are real or pretend. Christie Nicholson reports.

October 27, 2008
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