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      Where do we come from? That is the question creationists and evolutionists both seek to help answer. Evidence from paleontology, genetics, zoology and other fields has established the validity of evolution beyond reasonable doubt...
      September 12, 2020Evolution

      Evolution Education in the U.S. Is Getting Better

      The percentage of public school bio teachers who present it as the broad consensus view among scientists—without presenting the creationist “alternative”—has increased markedly since 2007...
      February 25, 2021Computing

      Machine Learning Pwns Old-School Atari Games

      You can call it the “revenge of the computer scientist.” An algorithm that made headlines for mastering the notoriously difficult Atari 2600 game Montezuma’s Revenge can now beat more games, achieving near perfect scores, and help robots explore real-world environments...
      Machine Learning Pwns Old-School Atari Games
      November 8, 2020Policy & Ethics

      The Denialist Playbook

      On vaccines, evolution, and more, rejection of science has followed a familiar pattern
      October 1, 2020Public Health

      Lessons from AIDS for the COVID-19 Pandemic

      We can learn from parallels between the coronavirus and HIV crises
      January 1, 2021Evolution

      The Real Dilophosaurus Would Have Eaten the Jurassic Park Version for Breakfast

      The most comprehensive study of the iconic dinosaur reveals a very different animal from the one portrayed on film
      December 9, 2020Engineering

      2020’s Top 10 Tech Innovations

      Scientific American  and the World Economic Forum sifted through more than 75 nominations for the most innovative and potentially game-changing technologies in 2020. The final top 10 span the fields of medicine, engineering, environmental sciences and chemistry. And to win the nod, the technologies must have the potential to spur progress in societies and economies by outperforming established ways of doing things...
      2020's Top 10 Tech Innovations
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