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      The Science of Cancer

      The Science of Cancer

      The past few years have seen tremendous strides in our understanding of cancer, including new hypotheses about its genetic origins and new treatment alternatives using the body’s own immune response.


      Potent Alternative

      Reverse-engineered human stem cells may leapfrog the embryonic kind

      February 1, 2008 — JR Minkel

      Blastomere Blowup

      A novel way to harvest stem cells intrigues and inflames

      October 26, 2006 — Charles Q. Choi

      Can Adult Stem Cells Do It All?

      Scientists may have turned mouse skin cells into embryolike stem cells, but prior claims for the power of adult cells have yet to stand the test of time

      June 12, 2007 — JR Minkel

      Why We Need Our Zzzs

      Why We Need Our Zzzs

      Vital for Memory, Mood and More