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      July 24, 2013The Sciences

      Quantum Physics Leads to Perfect Mirror

      Researchers created a surface that gives photons no option within the rules of quantum mechanics but to bounce back off. Wayt Gibbs reports
      February 1, 2008Mind & Brain

      The Character Code

      Researchers have found a gene that influences our ability to cope with stress and to bounce back from the misfortunes of life
      November 17, 2009Mind & Brain

      Your Brain on Books

      Neuroscientist Stanislas Dehaene explains his quest to understand how the mind makes sense of written language
      March 1, 2010Mind & Brain

      The Brain and the Written Word

      A cognitive neuroscientist explains his quest to understand how reading works in the mind—and how the brain is changed by education and culture
      April 13, 2017Space & Physics

      Energetic 2-Ball Bounces

      A bouncing project from Science Buddies
      September 1, 2006Mind & Brain

      Vision: A Window into Consciousness

      In their search for the mind, scientists are focusing on visual perception--how we interpret what we see
      April 1, 2002Mind & Brain

      Vision: A Window on Consciousness

      In Their Search for the Mind, Scientists are Focusing on Visual Perception-How we Interpret what we See
      November 1, 2012The Sciences

      Four Fallacies of Pop Evolutionary Psychology

      Some evolutionary psychologists have trumpeted claims about how the human mind evolved that other scholars take issue with. Here is how the evidence shapes up
      March 1, 1990Mind & Brain

      Unconscious Mental Functioning

      Rigorous, quantitative studies of psychotherapy are challenging certain widely held views of how the unconscious mind works and how patients in therapy make progress
      January 1, 2004Mind & Brain

      The Quest to Find Consciousness

      By studying the brain's physical processes, scientists are seeking clues about how the subjective inner life of the mind arises
      January 1, 1923Space & Physics

      The Heavens in January, 1923

      How the Astronomer's Work Carries Him from Star to Electron, and Back Again
      April 1, 1991The Sciences

      Hard Words

      How deeply can language be traced? Radical linguists look back to the Stone Age. Traditionalists disagree.
      November 1, 1993The Sciences

      Sausage Factory

      How Congress passes the pork to Back-Home U.
      April 1, 2002Mind & Brain

      The Mind-Body Interaction in Disease

      The brain and the immune system continuously signal each other, often along the same pathways, which may explain how state of mind influences health
      September 1, 2009Mind & Brain

      The Origin of the Mind

      The first step in figuring out how the human mind arose is determining what distinguishes our mental processes from those of other creatures
      January 1, 2009Mind & Brain

      Evolution of the Mind: 4 Fallacies of Psychology

      Some evolutionary psychologists have made widely popularized claims about how the human mind evolved, but other scholars argue that the grand claims lack solid evidence
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