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      January 31, 2012Health

      Honey Helps Heal Wounds

      Manuka honey stopped a skin strep in its tracks. Katherine Harmon reports
      August 9, 2011Health

      Beat Gluttony with Gullibility

      Eating-behavior expert Brian Wansink offers tips on fooling yourself into eating less. Katherine Harmon reports
      August 3, 2011Health

      Study Says Avoid Colon Cleanses

      The alternative therapy of colon cleansing typically does little good, and may cause significant harm. Katherine Harmon reports
      February 29, 2012Health

      Teen Brain Takes Biggest Sports Hits

      The teen brain suffers more long-term damage from concussions than does the child or adult brain. Katherine Harmon reports
      January 3, 2012Health

      Hit the Gym to Help Hit the Books

      A meta-analysis finds that keeping kids active also boosts their academic performances. Katherine Harmon reports
      July 10, 2012Health

      Stand Up Now to Stick Around Later

      Sitting for less than three hours a day could increase average life expectancy by two years. Katherine Harmon reports
      July 9, 2013Health

      Skimping on Sleep Packs On Pounds

      Sleep deprivation raises levels of hormones associated with hunger, and provides more awake hours for eating. Katherine Harmon reports
      December 21, 2011Health

      Cruise Ship Bug Takes to the Skies

      Norovirus, famous for ruining cruises, sickened successive crews and passengers on an Air New Zealand plane. Katherine Harmon reports
      January 19, 2012Health

      Dish Color Affects Serving Size

      When dishes were the same color as the food served, people took bigger portions. Katherine Harmon reports
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