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      November 1, 1998The Sciences


      Gluons, which hold protons together, can also clump into globs of pure glue
      May 4, 1901The Sciences

      Notes and Queries - May 4, 1901

      July 27, 1901The Sciences

      Notes and Queries - July 27, 1901

      June 1, 1950The Sciences

      The Earth's Magnetism

      For centuries man has used but not understood it. Recently two theories have been put forward in order to explain its origin
      March 1, 1960Technology

      Applications of Superconductivity

      When certain metals are cooled almost to absolute zero, they become superconductive, that is, their electrical resistance disappears. This remarkable phenomenon is now being turned to technological purposes...
      September 3, 1910The Sciences

      Light and Electromagnetism

      Electric Waves and the Electromagnetic Theory of Light
      August 20, 1910The Sciences

      Light and Electromagnetism

      Electric Waves and the Electromagnetic Theory of Light
      August 13, 1910The Sciences

      Light and Electromagnetism

      Electric Waves and the Electromagnetic Theory of Light
      March 1, 1980The Sciences

      The Inner Structure of the Proton

      There is something small and hard inside. These objects, which may be the particles called quarks, are seen most clearly when a violent collision of particles gives rise to a "jet" of debris...
      November 1, 1972The Sciences

      Science and the Citizen, November 1972

      May 1, 1980The Sciences

      The N-Ray Affair

      Early in this century an eminent physicist discovered a new kind of radiation, and others confirmed his work. The radiation turned out to be totally imaginary, proving that believing can be seeing...
      November 1, 1958Technology

      The Revival of Thermoelectricity

      The Seebeck and Peltier effects dispense with moving parts in the transformation of energy from heat to electricity. Long regarded as curiosities, they are now generating a technological revolution...
      July 1, 1999The Sciences

      The Mystery of Nucleon Spin

      A new generation of experiments promises to pin down more of the still uncertain internal structure of protons and neutrons
      November 1, 2017Space & Physics

      Beautiful Physics: The Search for New Particles at LHCb

      The Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment has seen hints of new particles that may point the way toward a higher theory of physics
      July 19, 2013

      The Story of Energy: The Physics of an Atom, Part 1

      Through the series Mr Tompkins by George Gamow, and decades later, a single work, Alice in Quantumland by Robert Gilmore, the reader is able to take a tour with the characters, Mr Tompkins and the reconstituted Alice, to a world that appears physically implausible to our quotidian yet very real...
      September 1, 1964The Sciences

      Mathematics in the Modern World

      Presenting an issue on mathematics in both its pure and applied aspects. Although the two are sometimes separated, a line cannot be drawn between them, and they traditionally fructify each other...
      November 1, 1986The Sciences

      The Higgs Boson

      It could give mathematical consistency to the standard model-the theory that describes the in teractions of fun dam en tal particles. The search for the elusive particle will require new accelerators...
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