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      The Science of Cancer

      The past few years have seen tremendous strides in our understanding of cancer, including new hypotheses about its genetic origins and new treatment alternatives using the body’s own immune response.
      The Science of Cancer
      June 1, 2017Biology

      Naturalist Trevor Goward Helps to Overturn a 150-Year-Old Truth of Science

      How a naturalist’s observations in the wilds of British Columbia inspired a scientist to discover hidden symbioses—overturning 150 years of accepted scientific wisdom
      August 1, 1978Mind

      The Thermostat of Vertebrate Animals

      The hypothalamus, a structure at the base of the brain, monitors body temperature in a wide variety of animals and maintains it at an optimal level by controlling thermoregulatory mechanisms...
      August 12, 1882The Sciences

      A Cheap Cottage

      May 1, 1988The Sciences

      The Platypus

      This ancient mammal is surprisingly specialized. It has mechano and electroreceptors on its beak for detecting prey and is better than many placental mammals at regulating its body temperature...
      June 1, 1928Tech

      Airship Design and Fallacies, A Hydro-glider and more

      This Department Will Keep Our Readers Informed of the Latest Facts About Airplanes and Airships
      July 1, 1979The Sciences

      Science and the Citizen, July 1979

      September 12, 1891Tech

      A Powerful Steam Crane

      May 2, 1863The Sciences

      Patent Claims

      Issued from the United States Patent Office
      December 20, 2012The Sciences

      The Top 10 Science Stories of 2012

      A devastating storm, a new phase of Mars exploration, a recipe for a pandemic flu--these and other events highlight the year in science and technology
      March 11, 1911The Sciences

      Science in the Current Periodicals- March 11, 1911

      In this Department the Reader will find Brief Abstracts of Interesting Articles Appearing in Contemporary Periodicals at Home and Abroad
      March 28, 1858Health

      Chalk for Warts

      June 1, 1987The Sciences

      Science and the Citizen, June 1987

      December 1, 1922The Sciences

      Inventions New and Interesting, December 1922

      A Department Devoted to Pioneer Work in the Various Arts and to Patent News
      May 1, 1986The Sciences

      Science and the Citizen, May 1986

      November 21, 1857Physics

      The Minie Rifle Ball

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