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      The Science of Cancer

      The past few years have seen tremendous strides in our understanding of cancer, including new hypotheses about its genetic origins and new treatment alternatives using the body’s own immune response.
      The Science of Cancer
      November 1, 1862The Sciences


      October 1, 1988Health

      The Social Dimensions of AIDS

      AIDS exposes the hidden weaknesses in human society; how the epidemic is dealt with will have a profound effect on society's future. A crucial issue is protection from discrimination
      August 1, 1990The Sciences

      Seed Dispersal by Ants

      Thousands of plant species rely on ants to disperse their seeds.With special food lures and other adaptations, a plant can induce the insects to carry away its seeds without harming them...
      February 19, 1876The Sciences

      The Inflexible and her Armament

      February 7, 1863The Sciences

      Patent Claims

      December 13, 2006The Sciences

      Nobel Laureate Harold Varmus and Rocky the Flying Mesozoic Mammal

      In this episode, Nobel Prize winner Harold Varmus talks about the challenges facing the U.S. in science and technology competitiveness and some possible plans of action, related to the Brookings Institution's Hamilton Project...
      December 9, 1876The Sciences

      Notes and Queries - December 9, 1876

      March 15, 1873The Sciences

      Answers to Correspondents

      November 1, 1981The Sciences

      Books, November 1981

      The preservation of corpses, the misnamed jungle and the essence of modern astronomy
      May 30, 1874The Sciences

      Answers Correspondents - May 30, 1874

      June 29, 1912The Sciences

      Inventions New and Interesting - June 29, 1912

      Simple Patent Law; Patent Office News; What Inventors Are Doing
      October 22, 1910The Sciences

      The Water Service of a Plant

      The Accumulation of Water by Desert Plants
      March 25, 1882The Sciences

      Notes on Economic Plants

      Referred to in the Kew Report For 1880
      October 1, 1943Tech

      Rubber: Natural Or Synthetic?

      Possibilities for the Development of Natural Rubber Sources on Small Family-Owned Plantations in Ihe Western Hemisphere Loom as a Challenge to the Synthetic-Rubber Chemist in the Race for Domination of Post-War Markets...
      December 11, 1858The Sciences

      Patent Claims

      May 1, 1909The Sciences

      Index of Inventions - May 1, 1909

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