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      October 20, 1917The Sciences

      German Engineering from Within

      November 1, 2011The Sciences

      Preschool Tests Take Time Away from Play--and Learning

      The trend in early education is to move from a play-based curriculum to a more school-like environment of directed learning. But is earlier better? And better at what?
      March 1, 2017Special Editions Volume 26, Issue 1s

      Inner Spark: Using Music to Study Creativity

      A hearing specialist and sax player says that studying the brain during flights of improvisation may provide new understanding of creativity—as well as insight into the musical genius of John Coltrane...
      December 1, 2005Mind & Brain

      Ask the Brains

      February 1, 2006Mind & Brain

      Ask The Brains

      August 1, 2007Mind & Brain

      Ask the Brains

      February 1, 2007Mind & Brain

      Ask the Brains

      How does anesthesia work?
      September 1, 2012Evolution

      Aspiration Makes Us Human

      Our drive to exceed our evolutionary limits sets us apart from other beasts
      April 1, 2007Mind & Brain

      Ask the Brains

      June 1, 2007Mind & Brain

      Ask the Brains

      June 1, 2006Mind & Brain

      Ask the Brains

      November 1, 2014Culture

      Readers Respond to "Creativity Is Collective"

      Letters to the editor from the July/August 2014 issue of Scientific American MIND
      August 4, 2011

      Four Things Most People Get Wrong about Memory

      Human memory has been shown again and again to be far from perfect. We overlook big things, forget details, conflate events. One famous experiment even demonstrated that many people asked to watch a video of people playing basketball failed to notice a person wearing a gorilla suit walk right through the middle of the scene.So why does eyewitness testimony continue to hold water in courtrooms?...
      January 12, 2009Health

      Can a good night's sleep prevent a cold?

      People who get less than seven hours of shut-eye nightly are three times more likely to catch a cold than those who get eight or more hours, according to a new study.
      October 26, 2013Symbiartic

      Trilobite Boy by Eric Orchard

      Several years ago I painted a half-human, half-trilobite  hybrid in the style of a Minotaur. I’ve always been fascinated with the blended animals and humans from mythology (that’s where my Flying Trilobite handle comes from)  and trying out ideas with organisms that scientific discovery has revealed to us, everything from dinosaurs to microbes...
      March 1, 2014Mind & Brain

      Can ADHD Be Prevented?

      A game-style intervention for preschoolers might prevent ADHD from developing, reducing reliance on medications
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