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      November 20, 2013Talking back

      My Brain Made Me Pull the Trigger

      The emerging academic discipline of neuroethics has been driven, in part, by the recognition that introducing brain scans as legal evidence is fraught with peril.  Most neuroscientists think that a brain scan is unable to provide an accurate representation of the state of mind of a defendant or determine whether his frontal lobes predispose to some wanton [...]..
      April 10, 2014The Sciences

      My Brain Made Me Pull the Trigger

      Neuroscience-based defenses are flooding the courtroom
      March 1, 2011Health

      When Photos Are Painkillers

      Looking at a picture of a loved one can dull physical pain
      September 1, 2015Mind

      A Short History of the Rise, Fall and Rise of Subliminal Messaging

      People have believed in subliminal influences for hundreds of years—but the last few decades have taken a far more scientific look at these ideas
      December 18, 2012Evolution

      Psychology Reveals the Comforts of the Apocalypse

      December 21, according to much-hyped misreadings of the Mayan calendar, will mark the end of the world. It's not the first "end is nigh" proclamation—and it's unlikely to be the last.
      December 12, 2008

      Can brain scans read our minds?

      Researchers at ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan,  say they've developed new analysis technology that can reconstruct the images inside a person's brain and display them on a computer screen, according to Pink Tentacle , an English-language blog that covers news from Japan...
      February 1, 2006Mind

      One Person, One Neuron?

      Nerve cells devoted to recognizing Halle Berry or Bill Clinton? Absurd. That's what most neuroscientists thought—until recently
      October 1, 2007Mind

      Brain Stains

      Traumatic therapies can have long-lasting effects on mental health
      February 13, 2018Behavior & Society

      The Case for the Self-Driven Child

      In a new book, an argument for giving children more of a sense of control over their lives
      August 20, 2012

      Anorexia and Obesity: opposite sides of the reward coin?

      We often think of anorexia as a psychiatric problem, a problem of self esteem, a problem of disordered body image. And while it's probably a lot of these things, treatments based on body image improvement and self-esteem can only do so much...
      September 1, 2011Mind

      A Tale of 2 Rodents

      Rats teach a neuroscientist lessons of love—or at least sex
      October 1, 2007Mind

      Brain Stains: In Sheri's Words

      Supplementary web-only content to the "Brain Stains" feature
      July 1, 2010Mind

      Me, Myself and I: How the Brain Maintains a Sense of Self

      Although people change throughout their lives, most hold a steady view of who they are. How does this become unglued for some?
      July 1, 2011Mind

      Maternal Mentality

      Pregnancy and childbirth shape a woman's mental makeover
      October 1, 2008Mind

      Five Ways Brain Scans Mislead Us

      Colorful scans have lulled us into an oversimplified conception of the brain as a modular machine
      October 1, 2012The Sciences

      Maternal Mentality

      Pregnancy and childbirth shape a woman's mental makeover
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