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      September 20, 2013Guest Blog

      How Could We Recognize Pain in an Octopus?

      At the level of personal experience, there is nothing that seems easier to understand than pain. When I jam my finger in a doorway, I have no difficulty at all recognizing the sensation that results...
      March 21, 2013Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Thursday - Dog Spies, Girl Scouts, Pet Trade, Moral Paradox, Tiniest Microbe, Human-Teeth Fish, Mimic Octopus, and more.

      - Stephanie Swift - Making Pretty, Meaty, Friendly Animals - Julie Hecht - Spying on Dogs: Intrigue, drama and science - Jennifer Ouellette - Walking the Planck: Our Lopsided Universe - Bonnie Swoger - On Girl Scouts, glaciers, and great women - Becky Crew - The sheepshead fish has human teeth, but it’s okay because it won’t give you a psychedelic crisis - Jennifer Frazer - What The World’s Tiniest Free-Living Microbe Is Doing In You - Katherine Harmon - Mimic Octopus Makes Home on Great Barrier Reef - John R...
      August 25, 2011Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Wednesday Wizardry

      It's Wednesday. This means we have a new Video of the Week - check it out.There were some amazing posts on the network today:- Thies Lindenthal - On Rushes and Riches: The “Wild West” Era for Internet Domain Names Is Over as Efficient Markets for This “Virtual Land” Have Emerged - John R...
      December 20, 2011Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Tuesday - Zimmer on writing, parasites, anti-aging, pygmy hippo and more.

      Some great stuff on the blogs today:- Mariette DiChristina - A Busy 2011 at Scientific American - Eric Michael Johnson - Probing the Passions of Science: An Interview with Carl Zimmer on the Art of Science Writing and Probing the Passions of Science: Carl Zimmer Delves Beneath the Surface of Science Writing - Stephen Di Cerbo - Ichthyology Meets Printmaking - Melissa C...
      February 18, 2012Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Friday - Citizens' Agenda, Tasmanian Devils, dropout electrons, wine & Beer, snails that fly and more.

      Have a great weekend!- Bora Zivkovic - Can We Ask Presidential Candidates about Science? - Eric R. Olson - Color-Coding Ants [Video] - Katherine Harmon - Contagious Cancer: Genome Study Reveals How Tasmanian Devil Cancer Has Spread - Gary Stix - Eternal Sunshine Drug Points the Way Toward Counteracting the Agony of Chronic Pain - Michael Moyer - Fermilab Set to Reveal “Interesting” Higgs Boson Results - Philip Yam - What Processed Food Looks Like during Digestion—Of Course It’s Not Pretty [Video] - Kelly Oakes - ‘Dropout’ Electrons Get Pushed out of Van Allen Belt - Rob Dunn - Strong Medicine: Drinking Wine and Beer Can Help Save You from Cholera, Montezuma’s Revenge, E...
      May 30, 2012Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Tuesday - clocks and metabolism, hating raw tomatoes, vulnerable computer chips, and more.

      Yesterday was still a holiday here in the U.S., so we chose the new Image of the Week today - enjoy!- Bora Zivkovic - Clocks, metabolism, evolution – toward an integrative chronobiology - Jennifer Ouellette - Taster’s Choice: Why I Hate Raw Tomatoes and You Don’t - John Villasenor - Researchers Discover Hacker-Ready Computer Chips - Edward Fischer - USC Dornsife Scientific Diving: Remaking What We’ve Lost – A Look At Artificial Reefs - Melissa C...
      July 31, 2012Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Tuesday - barnacles, miscarriage, medical practice for beginners, addiction in the media, saltwater crocs, and more.

      Join us tomorrow for the Online Chat at 1 P.M. Wednesday on Massive Black-Outs in India and Beyond.- Claire O’Connell - Getting a Grip on the Goose Barnacle - Kate Clancy - SciAm Beginnings: When a Beginning is Not a Beginning - Ilana Yurkiewicz - From live animals to mannequins to human beings: can there ever be an ethical way to practice medical procedures? - Maria Konnikova - The birth of experimental psychology: How do we measure beginnings? - Janet D...
      August 2, 2012Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Wednesday - pure water, science career trajectories, origin of life, fish melanoma, synthetic biology, and more.

      - Kelly Izlar - The Purest of Them All - Rebecca Wragg Sykes - Re-igniting the fire: challenge and chance in science career trajectories - Christie Wilcox - Fish with Melanoma – Our Enduring Environmental Legacy - Ashutosh Jogalekar - The beginnings of life: Chemistry’s grand question - Dawn Santoianni - Guest Post: Innovation Cleans Up Waste-to-Energy - Christina Agapakis - Timelines, roadmaps, and tools: navigating the futures of synthetic biology - John R...
      July 11, 2012Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Wednesday - honeybee brains, sexual confusion in fish, green flicks, North American human migrations, and more.

      No linkfest tomorrow - I'll be on the plane, trying to sleep at the time - but we'll be back the evening after....- Kara Rogers - Bee Brain Plasticity: Turning Back the Clock on Aging - Christie Wilcox - Mating with the wrong species: plastics make it possible - Bora Zivkovic - ScienceOnline2012 – interview with Michelle Sipics - Kelly Oakes - Heather Gray: chaotic starts and Higgs excitement #lnlm12 - Khalil A...
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