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      October 19, 2012Neuroscience

      Is Homosexuality a Choice?

      Ask this question, and you will probably receive one of two responses: Yes. People choose to be gay. They are making an immoral choice, which government should discourage.
      September 1, 2013Mind

      Crows Show Off Their Social Skills

      New findings on crows' intelligence lend perspective on how social smarts evolve
      September 1, 2009Mind

      Smile! It Could Make You Happier

      Making an emotional face—or suppressing one—influences your feelings
      February 1, 2009Health

      Placebo Effect: A Cure in the Mind

      Belief is powerful medicine, even if the treatment itself is a sham. New research shows placebos can also benefit patients who do not have faith in them
      August 28, 2000The Sciences

      Down Memory Limbo

      New research shows that between fear and recall
      lies a no-man's-land where long-term memories can vanish
      July 1, 2015Mind

      Who Benefits Most from PTSD Treatment?

      Although several therapies have shown some success in helping people exposed to traumatic experiences, not everyone recovers equally well
      September 16, 2016Neuroscience

      Human Brain Map Gets a Bold New Update

      The new Allen Brain Atlas combines neuroimaging and tissue staining to offer an unprecedented level of resolution
      July 1, 2010Mind

      Why Do We Forget?

      Timothy Brady, a cognitive neuroscientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, answers
      January 1, 1969Mind

      The Neurophysiology of Remembering

      Experiments with monkeys have identified the brain areas involved in the recall of various learned tasks. Memory may take the form of interference patterns that resemble laser-produced holograms...
      March 14, 2007The Sciences

      How to Make—or Break—Memory

      Study shows memories formed by the same gene-silencing tool used in embryonic development; a finding could set the stage for new therapies for schizophrenia
      July 1, 2015Mind

      Why Do Cops Kill?

      June 29, 2020Cognition

      Why Do Smells Trigger Memories?

      Your sense of smell may be a better memory trigger than your sense of sight. Here's why a whiff of apple pie may instantly transport you home in your mind
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