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      January 1, 1969Mind

      The Neurophysiology of Remembering

      Experiments with monkeys have identified the brain areas involved in the recall of various learned tasks. Memory may take the form of interference patterns that resemble laser-produced holograms...
      July 1, 2015Mind

      Why Do Cops Kill?

      March 14, 2007The Sciences

      How to Make—or Break—Memory

      Study shows memories formed by the same gene-silencing tool used in embryonic development; a finding could set the stage for new therapies for schizophrenia
      June 29, 2020Cognition

      Why Do Smells Trigger Memories?

      Your sense of smell may be a better memory trigger than your sense of sight. Here's why a whiff of apple pie may instantly transport you home in your mind
      June 2, 2015Mind

      The Flexibility of Racial Bias

      Research suggests that racism is not hard wired, offering hope on one of America’s enduring problems
      January 1, 2004Mind

      Your Personal Pathology

      How will we feel when biology can name what makes each of us who we are?
      May 1, 2015Behavior & Society

      Why Do We Have Pets?

      People have an innate interest in other species, but we like having pets for a variety of social reasons
      April 1, 2005Mind

      Alien Friends

      For people with Capgras syndrome, loved ones have been taken over by body doubles. Their experience teaches us that feelings are integral to perception
      October 1, 2008Mind

      How Unconscious Mechanisms Affect Thought

      Clever experiments root out nooks and crannies in the brain that are hidden from your conscious awareness
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