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      September 27, 2012Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Thursday - water on Mars, March of Progress, evil of books, Rinderpest extinction, green beard, ecological drones, dissolvable medical sensors, and more.

      First two interviews between the #openlab12 authors are now up - check them out:- Best Science Writing Online 2012 contributors David Manly and Eva Amsen talk blogs, twins, and Vitamin C- Best Science Writing Online 2012 contributors David Manly and Dana Hunter discuss science fiction, cats, and their contributions to the new bookAlso today, new Video of the Week for your enjoyment.- Maria Thompson - Rare Disease Science Challenge – your call to action! - Caleb A...
      August 3, 2011Technology

      Wise Wednesday at the Blogs

      We are now on our normal schedule (Image on Monday, Video on Wednesday) so here is the official network-wide Video of the Week #2, August 3, 2011.From the blogs: - Mark Stewart - The Necessity of Humanism - Caleb A...
      July 19, 2011Technology

      Quick summary of the day

      While the bloggers are so prolific (you have to remember they had to wait several months until the launch, having blog posts all written and ready to go in advance) I feel I need to do these summaries almost daily...
      September 1, 2011Environment

      Thursday Bloggy Thunder

      Arrived in the U.K. ready for Science Online London, starting tomorrow. In the meantime, many good new posts alighted on the network - check them out:- Jesse Bering - Listen Carefully: The Evolutionary Secret To Making a Hit Record - Kalliopi Monoyios - Do you prefer your maggots salty or sweet? - Bora Zivkovic - How To Become A Biologist and Best of August at A Blog Around The Clock - Lena Groeger - How where you live affects the life you prefer...
      January 18, 2012Environment

      #SciAmBlogs - biofilms, aging, misquotes, coffee, #scio12, norovirus, money, Manta rays and more.

      Another day of the incredible blogger output! - S.E. Gould - Biofilms: a house for protection or a tent for nomads - Joanne Manaster - The Science Online 2012 Keynote Speaker - Eric Michael Johnson - The Uses of the Past: Why Science Writers Should Care About the History of Science – And Why Scientists Should Too - Reut Rory Cohen - Aging And Life Quality: What Does the Future Hold? - Bora Zivkovic - #scio12: Multitudes of Sciences, Multitudes of Journalisms, and the Disappearance of the Quote. - John Horgan - How the U.S...
      November 3, 2011Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Wednesday - peer-review, Xigris, energy economics and more...

      It is Wednesday, thus time for the new Video of the Week for your enjoyment.Also a reminder, if you were not fast enough to register for ScienceOnline2012 on Tuesday (it took 2 minutes and 14 seconds for the 100 lucky people to get into the registration form - you can see them and moderators here), there is another opportunity in a few hours - at 6am EDT at:, to the bloggers and their amazing daily output:- Bradley Voytek - What is peer-review for? - Judy Stone - Lilly’s Shocker, or the Post-Marketing Blues - Bora Zivkovic - Sun Time is the Real Timeand The Scientific Paper: past, present and probable futureand #scio11 – Perils of Blogging as a Woman under a Real Nameand Best of October at A Blog Around The Clock - DNLee - Wordless Wednesday: You’re a star - Melissa C...
      November 9, 2011Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Tuesday - asteroid miss, GPS in court, Siri and more...

      - Robynne Boyd - A “Near” Miss: Asteroid 2005 YU55 - Krystal D'Costa - Getting Serious With Siri - Maria Konnikova - Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: Preconceptions and the Blunting of Imagination - David Biello - What’s the Price of Climate Change?...
      December 22, 2014Book

      Breaking Bad (Habits): Finding Happiness through Change

      Self improvement is a lifelong quest. Changing personal habits is both hugely difficult and hugely rewarding. Here, we offer this eBook on breaking bad habits and the ultimate satisfaction of making difficult life changes...
      Breaking Bad HabitsBreaking Bad Habits
      October 1, 2013

      4 Cool Things about the Octopus [Video]

      How can you not be fascinated by this unusual and charismatic invertebrate? Here are some of the traits that make them so interesting. A video by Now This News.
      February 4, 2019Book

      The Microbiome: Your Inner Ecosystem

      We harbor roughly the same number of microbes as we have cells. This complex ecosystem is crucial to our health, affecting many processes including immunity, child development and bone density regulation...
      The Microbiome: Your Inner EcosystemThe Microbiome: Your Inner Ecosystem
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